I never thought I would say I enjoy going to the dentist , but these two really elevate the practice of dentistry! I travel from the East Bay to attend my appointments and despite the morning traffic, I would never consider going anywhere else. Here are the things that, in my opinion, really make Dr. Ramirez and Dr. Karimi shine:
(1) They are very personable and easy to talk to - When I was looking for housing in the Bay Area, Dr. Karimi went out of her way to write down some areas for me to look. Who does that? Awesome dentists who care, that's who!

(2) They don't try to sell me services I don't need - I hate it when dentists try to sell you all sorts of fancy procedures/items you don't really need. These two would never do that!

(3) A focus on preventative care - Even though the money maker in dentistry is probably fixing bad teeth, both dentists emphasize preventative care. it's the first practice I've been to where their immediate response isn't to drill and fill!

(4) Email reminders before an appointment - I am really bad with the phone, so the email appointment reminders are a godsent!

Trina E.

Everyone in this office is FABULOUS!

My wife first heard about David and Katy through SFSPCA, and after the first appointment she couldn't stop raving about her visit! I was suspicious at first, since it's unusual to have a pleasant dentist visit. But then she went for a second visit, third visit, and the service and people were consistently excellent.

Finally I got very lucky and was able to schedule an appointment to experience this myself, and GOSH DR. RAMIREZ SERIOUSLY IS THE BEST DENTIST I'VE HAD! Super careful and professional, explained every step of the way and really funny to chat with lol

Sun, Joanne, Rita were all amazing and super helpful as well.

Thank you so much, everybody!!

Timmy Yelp H.

Dr. Ramirez and Dr. Karimi have been my dentists for almost a decade now and they are by far the best dentists I have ever had. Dr. Karimi is amazing and gives so much personal attention she makes you feel very at ease. They truly care about you and your health. Dr. Karimi has helped me over the years to have better dental hygiene and it shows in how much better my teeth have gotten the last decade. I panic about one day moving as I know I will never find a better dental office than here. They really are the best and would recommend them to anyone.

Jeff H.

Best Dentists I've ever had! Seriously, such a great team. From the responsive and thoughtful front desk associates, to the detailed and careful work they provide as dentists, I couldn't ask for better treatment.

I have two implants that needed to be filled with crowns. Dr. Ramirez was thorough and thoughtful from the beginning consultation until the final steps were completed. The team was patient with my insurance issues and helped me to minimize my overall payments BIG TIME by helping me spread the process out over different insurance periods.

Katy is also the sweetest and most caring dentist I've ever had. I look forward to my cleanings with her as I know I'm in the best hands - she's super smart and actually takes the time to connect with her patients.

Have happily referred friends to this team and will continue to do so!

Justin F.

I want to thank you for the best experience I could ask for. I never imagined I would look forward to going to the dentist (I really used to dread it...) but you all changed my perception completely. Thank you for the awesome customer service and the warm, family atmosphere that is totally unique to your office.


Drs. Karimi and Ramirez are the model for what everyone is looking for in a dentist or any other type of medical provider.

They are the most thorough, knowledgeable, caring, and proactive dentists I have ever gone to. They know and employ the latest cutting-edge dental practices and bases for making decisions and recommendations. Every patient is evaluated and treated in a personalized way - there is absolutely no "going through the motions" with them.

They truly and genuinely care about the well-being of their patients. They treat everyone like family, in a way that I've never seen before in a medical provider of any sort. I can't over-communicate this - it is amazing.

This is what you / we / everyone is looking for in a dentist. Visit them and get yourself in with top-rate dental care!

Tony R.

I get excited when I know I have a dentist appointment.
Is there really anything more than need be said?

I will elaborate anyway just in case: I have been a patient of this practice for the last decade, if not longer. They have taken excellent care of all my dental needs, but additionally have really gone a step above and beyond that. Everyone at the office makes me feel welcome and at home each time I come in. They are easily reached via email, which is so refreshing for the health care industry. They do not make fun of me when I squirm at the sound of a drill and I always leave with a goodie bag of travel size dental products to take me around the world and back before my next appointment. I have referred them to many friends who have also been treated with the same level of care and excellence as I have. Thank you for being the exception to rule of dreading going to the dentist!

Sam D.

Dr. Ramirez and Dr. Karimi are hands down the best dentists I've had. Super professional yet also super nice, and they are so knowledgeable! Dr. Karimi has given me advice about how to reduce staining my teeth even though I'm a coffee addict/love wine. No judgment in this office--just realistic and constructive advice on how to maintain healthy, good-looking teeth. My first visit was extensive, with X-rays and a gum analysis (never had that before!) and my cleanings are so thorough, my teeth have never felt cleaner after a visit.

Danielle W.

Drs. Karimi and Ramirez are wonderful professionals who care sincerely about their patients' health! They don't recommend unnecessary procedures and they take a practical and non-invasive approach to oral hygiene and dentistry. They have been extremely accommodating in a couple of emergency situations for me....going way, way beyond what any other dentist I've ever encountered has done. I always look forward to my regular visits and my teeth are in great shape due to their care!!!

On a personal level, they're both extremely personable and make you comfortable and happy to be under their care. They're warm and again, sincerely care about their patients. I've never been happier with my dentists and will NEVER consider going to anyone else. What a great team!

Run, don't walk to them when you are looking for great dentistry!!!!

Tom C.

Dr. Karimi is a phenomenal dentist. She is always knowledgeable about the latest techniques and has the right touch. I used to dread going to the dentist as it always seemed like a battle. With Dr. Karimi, it's about as pleasant of a visit as you could imagine. I come away with a clean smile and we always talk about prevention and being proactive about my teeth. I have been coming here for well over 5 years and am extremely satisfied with their staff.

Probably one of the most important things that I overlook is that they are very good about billing/insurance. I haven't had to lift a finger to get any paperwork sorted and they are honest about trying to get insurance to cover things.

Simon Y.

Both Dr. Ramirez and Dr. Karimi are caring, attentive and efficient. I went to their office last year after reading the other great Yelp reviews, and I'm glad I did. I've had pretty mixed experiences with other dentists since coming to California 9 years ago. Dr. Ramirez and Dr. Karimi are by far the best dentists I've found here. Their cleanings are relatively quick and painless, yet my teeth look really good after--much better than the results I've gotten elsewhere. I also needed a filling for the first time, and they did a beautiful job. I highly recommend these nice, professional dentists.

David S.

I echo all of the extremely positive posts about Dr. Ramirez and Karimi! They fit the bill for all that you want in your medical professionals and more - 1) very professional - they will explain to you about what they are doing and are very easy to talk to 2) friendly - both of them and their office staff are VERY nice people who are professional and efficient. They are easy to contact via email and are very quick to respond. I needed a recommendation for an oral surgeon and they worked with me on that in a heart beat! 3) x factor - they stand out among medical professionals and know how to create a fun and upbeat environment while focusing on the reason why you came. I feel so lucky that they are my dentists!

Lainey D.

I love to smile! I love seeing Dr. Karimi & Dr. Ramirez for this reason. They constantly make me smile even while under the light and both of them work on maintaining my smile fresh & healthy.

I used to dread going to the dentist! It was always a painful experience. Dr. Karimi always uses her humor and gentle hands to get the job done. I look forward to my visit every 6 months. I have recommended several of my friends and clients to her clinic and they have had nothing but pleasurable experiences each time.

Counting the days until my next clean up!

Rafael C D.

I had my first visit yesterday for a cleaning and check up after 2+ years sans dental care. Both Dr.s came with rave reviews from co-workers, and they were both fantastic! Dr. Ramirez worked on me and he was friendly, communicative, gentle, and helpful. The hygienist was also so sweet and careful. Everyone listened to my concerns and questions and was cheerful.

They did digital x-rays, explained what they saw, used an ultra-sonic wand to clean my teeth (instead of that scrapey gum slasher) which was pleasant, examined my gums, polished my teeth, and then did a consultation of sorts about my habits, the products I use, and how my teeth were doing overall.

Dr. Ramirez caught a pre-cavity I'd been tonguing for years (and showed me pictures he'd snapped with a fancy stick camera) and recommended I seal it. It didn't require anesthetic and he kept me updated while he worked. It took all of five minutes and feels exactly like my normal tooth- so smooth.

My husband had an appointment after me- after 5+ years of skipping the dentist and they were just as gentle and friendly to him.

I couldn't imagine a better dental experience or nicer people to drool on.

Nina P.

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