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As challenging as it is for a dental office to "go green", we have strived to take some measures that will reduce a negative ecological impact on our global environment. Some of the main green measures we have taken so far include:


  1. Office furnishings mainly manufactured from recycled materials and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  2. Electronic software to reduce the use of paper products
  3. Electronic filing of insurance claims to reduce paper waste as well as the use of the postal service
  4. Energy-Star rated computers and appliances 
  5. High-efficiency heating and cooling systems with regulated thermostats
  6. Computers set on Energy Conservation mode
  7. Use of mainly recycled paper products as well as recycled ink and toner cartridges
  8. Proper sorting/recycling of all waste categories
  9. Implementation of a completely paperless office by 2012!


  1. Digital Radiography (minimal radiation to patients and no films or processing chemicals used)
  2. Instrument sterilization:metal Cassette system when possible (to reduce the use of plastic bags)
  3. Amalgam Separator System (allows to eliminate and isolate mercury waste safely instead of dumping in the Bay)
  4. Use of mainly inert dental materials (no mercury fillings or volatile compounds used)
  5. Use of hospital-grade non-aerosol sanitizers for surfaces
  6. Insulated hot water lines
  7. Insulated filtered water lines